Improving Healthcare: Jason opposes a government takeover of our healthcare system. He’ll fight for free market solutions that increase access to good, quality healthcare and lower the cost of prescription drugs. 

Reopening the Economy: As we begin the path to economic recovery, it is imperative that our local businesses be allowed to do what they do best, serving our community and putting people to work, without interference. Jason supports Governor DeSantis’ data-driven plan to allow the economy to reopen responsibly.

Requiring Term Limits: Jason supports term limits at every level of government because politicians need to work for us, not the other way around.

Investing in Our Teachers: In order to attract and retain the best teachers for our students, Jason knows we must invest in them. That’s why he supported Gov. DeSantis’ plan to make Florida teachers starting salary among the highest in the country at $47,500.

Increasing Access to Quality Education: Jason supports the Florida Opportunity Scholarship, which is privately funded, and gives scholarships to children in low-income families to attend a K-12 school of their choice, ensuring they have the same opportunities to excel that everyone does.

Protecting Our Environment: As a lifelong resident of Central Florida, Jason understands how important our environment is to our way of life. Jason will fight to preserve our local springs and waterways, like Lake Jesup, for generations to come. 

Expanding Vocational Training: Jason knows not everyone needs to go to college to be successful. He supports expanding vocational, technical and workforce training in our schools so our children can learn a trade or get a professional certificate in order to find good, high paying jobs in our community. In these times, our workforce needs to have as many options as possible to make a good living.

Honoring Our Veterans: Jason will continue to fight to make Florida the most Veteran friendly state. Jason voted to waive certain fees related to licensure for veterans, provide immediate in-state tuition status for veterans, and to expand preferences for veteran employment. 

Implementing E-Verify: Jason supports requiring every business in Florida to use the E-Verify system to confirm that any person hired in Florida is legally allowed to work in the United States. Getting people back to work has never been more important, and E-verify will make sure that those people are Americans.

Supporting our Rural Boundary: Every community deserves to have the ability to establish growth and development plans consistent with the values of their own citizens. That’s why Jason wrote a letter to the Governor urging him to veto a bill that would have taken away Seminole County’s ability to decide how they would develop, and instead given that authority to the state. Jason understands that communities know how to approach their development, and he will defend their right to do so in the State Senate.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment: We have a right and responsibility to protect ourselves and our families from harm. Jason is a strong supporter of our right to bear arms and will fight back against politicians who try and use times of crisis to restrict that right.