Stop Spending and Borrowing: The State and Federal governments must learn to live within their means and stop borrowing to pay for programs the American people can’t afford. To balance the budget, I will continue opposing tax increases. We have done a great job in weathering the downturn in the economy. I want to make sure we keep our high bond rating, which keeps taxes low for all Floridians.

Grow the Economy: Government doesn’t create jobs. Private industry does. To attract new and higher-paying jobs, we must make Florida the best state in the nation to do business. We need to increase private investment, continue to cut onerous permitting processes for expanding businesses and cut the corporate income tax, which chases businesses and jobs to other states.

Freedom of Education: Make education a priority and adequately fund it. When we put the community in charge of classrooms, students and teachers both have a chance to succeed.

Promote Energy Independence: Encourage private industry to maximize energy production of all types. Florida is a unique geography and the solution requires a mix of alternatives.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment:  Nothing is more important than the right to protect our selves and families from harm. I’ll never back down from fighting for our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms.

Keeping Fantasy Sports in 
Florida: This exciting new pastime has already come under attack by special interests. I’m committed to making sure Fantasy Sports remain legal in Florida, and everyone has a chance to enjoy this unique hobby.

Providing a Voice For Those Without One: We have a duty as a society to protect our most vulnerable. As a Florida Lawmaker and citizen, I’ve always taken measures to preserve the sanctity of life in all forms.

Transportation Solutions: Our nation is on the brink of a transportationrevolution, and it’s important our state updates its legal framework to welcome exciting new technology like autonomous vehicles, not prohibit them.

Serving Those Who Serve Us: Florida has become one of the most veteran and military friendly states in the nation, and I’m committed to keeping it that way.

Create Jobs: Continuing to create jobs by reducing onerous regulation andencouraging partnerships where both the business and state have “skin in the game.” We need to continue in incentive packages that don’t provide benefits until the business produces what it says it will in terms of jobs and revenue. We also need to make sure we are offering those packages to businesses that will help further diversify our economy so we may be shielded in the future from such dramatic economic downturns.

Supporting Service Animals: For many citizens, service animals and therapy dogs offer them an opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. It’s crucial our laws welcome service animals in spaces people depend on them, like courthouse s.