2023 Brodeur Bulletin: Lowering The Cost of Prescription Drugs

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Pharmacy bill pushed by Gov. DeSantis passes Legislature without opposition

Governor, Legislature unite to lower prescription costs | Commentary

Every Floridian deserves access to affordable and quality healthcare. One of the biggest barriers to achieving this goal is the high cost of prescription drugs. Many Americans are struggling to afford essential medications due to supply chain issues and other factors completely outside their control. That’s why I am committed to advocating for policies that lower drug costs and increase access to affordable healthcare.

I’m very proud that this session Governor DeSantis signed our bill to completely overhaul the regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) in our state. PBMs play a critical role in determining which drugs are covered by insurance plans and how much patients have to pay for their medications. However, the lack of transparency in PBM practices has contributed to rising drug costs. Under this legislation signed by the Governor, we can increase price transparency and accountability for PBMs, lower costs for patients, and ensure that they have access to the medications they need.

The PBM reform bill includes several provisions, including the requirement for PBMs to notify the state of certain drug price increases as well as preventing PBMs from precluding pharmacists or pharmacies from sharing information that may reduce the costs of pharmacist services.

Lowering drug costs is a critical priority for many Floridians, and I am proud to have delivered on this issue and look forward to the opportunity to keep fighting for lower healthcare costs!

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